Welcome to our NEW immersion workshops!

Starting March 23rd we’ll offer a NEW immersion workshop.  Join us for an all day intensive workshop.  Every month we’ll offer a new project that you can learn and master in a day!

Our new immersion classes give you the opportunity to spend 6 hours learning, practicing and perfecting new techniques in a variety of mediums.  From ancient techniques (kumi-himo), to the latest ways with polymer clay, or new techniques with wire and metal—we’re planning an entire day concentrating on a single medium or project.  You’ll have ample time to learn, design and create in our newly developed course of classes.  Some of our classes will require previous experience, while others will be suitable for all levels of expertise.  We’re excited to be taking our instruction to a new level and hope you will join us to expand your knowledge base and skill levels.

Later this spring we hope to include workshop series with Linda Ely.  Linda will spend 2 – 3 days teaching you watercolor techniques and helping you create a masterpiece and separately teaching a collage class.